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“Music is a universal language, but when combined with dance it brings the excitement to the ‘sole’.  ‘LARGA VIDA’ the Latin Dance Competition!” Carol Trawick, The Trawick Foundation.

“Every year the After School Dance Fund/Baila4Life never ceases to amaze.  The young talent being shown on stage is infectious, heartwarming and muy caliente!  It is a wonder to see such a celebration of Latin dance and cultural traditions.”
Douglas Yeuell, Executive Director, Atlas Performing Arts Center.

The Latin dance competition is nothing short of phenomenal. Students displayed the passion and grit they have for Latin dance. It was truly heartwarming to see students displaying comradery, persistence, passion for the art of dance, and individual talent. I am appreciative to the Baila4Life/After School Dance Fund for providing students and school communities with this wonderful and transformational experience. Edward Owusu, Principal

“I am so happy to once again be a part of the annual Latin Dance Competition…several years ago when I was an assistant principal at Watkins Mill HS, I got to see the OLAS team and the hard work they put into their craft…now, after several years away from the high school level, it is so exciting to be back and see the Sabor Latino group at Gaithersburg HS…I was truly moved to see the pride, dedication, and passion the Gaithersburg students have…I could not be more proud of our team for their success this year…the first place was well-deserved and will help to continue the rich tradition of our program…I am looking forward to another successful year in 2019.”
Mr. Cary Dimmick, Principal

I always enjoy the competition and in particular, the large number of families present to support the kids. James G. Fernandez, Principal

It was truly an exciting evening filled with celebration as we watched so many talented youths showcase their talents.  I was so proud of our QO students, coaches, and families who participated and took pride in sharing their culture with everyone.  I can’t wait to see what our students will do next year! Elizabeth L. Thomas (Beth), Principal

Seneca Valley has struggled for some time to keep our Latin Dance Team alive.  This year, there was resurgence.  The amazing Screaming Eagles have put in hundreds of hours of time in preparation and they represented themselves, their families, and their school admirably. I could not have been happier to cheer on the members of Sensacion as they reminded everyone at Strathmore what makes them and our community special. The Latino community is vibrant and alive in our Germantown and I am hopeful that this is just one of many ways we can showcase their amazing contributions to our school. Marc J. Cohen, Ed. D., Principal

Mr. Loaiza, I attended last night’s MCPS Latin Dance Festival after the young man who bags groceries at my local grocer told me he would be performing.   I wasn’t aware that such a competition existed, and what a thrilling evening I witnessed, full of joy and energy of youth and discipline and rhythm and surprises!!  I was so impressed with how efficiently you enabled the show to move seamlessly along with so many students and dance events.  It was also heartbreaking to see the father of Alejandro Sanchez accept the award for his son.  He was truly devastated, and even though I know very little Spanish, the pain in his face and words bring me to tears even now as I think about him accepting the Posthumous Award.  Thank you again for being part of this jewel of an event.
Gaye Meyer, Montgomery County Resident.

“Road to Strathmore” The Movie Testimonials.
“The energy level is probably something like you’ve never witnessed in your life…” Paula Peró, Titanes Salseros Sponsor, Head of World Languages Dept Albert Einstein High School.

“This means a lot to us…it’s a really big deal!”
Alberto, Student, Clarksburg High School

“I don’t have a life…this is my life. During my freshman year, I did terrible in school and the only thing that really kept me going was LASU to get my grades up. ” David Cuevas, Albert Einstein High School

“It’s not just a dance group…because it becomes a family and we’re learning together.” Titanes Salseros Alumni

“It really does keep me centered… because when you get in here, I think most of us just want to stay.” Alicia Escoto, Student, Einstein HS.